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Things to Keep in Mind

   These images are photographs of physical paintings, and as such are not perfect representations of the actual pieces. However, these images were edited mimic the actual pieces as much as possible. The paintings are also varied in size, with the smallest being 20" tall and the largest being 40" tall. In order to mimic this, the images are all in the same scale to each other that the physical paintings are. As in, the largest photo is twice as tall as the smallest photo.

    For a closer look, you can click the image or the title, which will take you to a page dedicated to the specific piece. From this page you can download or share the image, as well as see additional information about the creation of the piece. 

   For more information about the collection as a whole, please visit the artist statement page

A painting of a parking lot with trees on the left, a streetlight in the center, and a building on the right. The sky is mostly pink-purple, with a burst of orange on the right side coming from behind the building. The streetlight casts a green light on the otherwise purple snow. The apartment building is green with a balcony and two orange windows.
A painting which depicts streetlights and a sidewalk. The sky is purple, and there is a line of trees going from the left side and shrinking into the distance at the right side. In front of the trees there is a line of streetlights shining orange light onto the snow covered sidewalk beneath them.
A painting depicting an overpass. The sky is dark blue and the overpass is covered in light blue snow.   The overpass is flanked by streetlights which are enveloping everything around them in green light.
A painting of a highway stretching out to the horizon. The sky is an ombre from orange to dark blue. Below the road there is a city skyline, filled with blue, green, and orange lights. There are also orange plumes reaching up into the sky/ The road is grey with light blue patches of snow. The streetlights on the side shine light blue.
A square painting which depicts a parking lot in front of a building. There is a sign, a car, and three ravens also in the image. The sky is dark purple, and the building is purple in the shadows and orange in the light. There are two dark grey ravens on top of the building. There is a red banner hanging from the building which reads "For Lease/ Call (907)-458-2644!!". Under the banner there is a line of orange lights that wrap around the building. These lights cast an orange light onto everything beneath them. Along the base of the building there are concrete curb stops. There is a silver four door car parked in front of the concrete curb stops, which has its brake lights turned on. In the foreground there is a another line of curb stops, along with a sign which reads "No parking after dark", with a raven sitting on top of it.
A painting of a snow covered road leading up a hill. The sky is dark blue and so is the snow on the ground. At the crest of the hill there are three streetlights shining orange. On either side of the road there are silhouettes of trees. On the right hand side there is a streetlight which is lighting up the road and the snow on nearby trees green.
A painting of streetlights on a street lined with trees. The sky is dark blue, but filled with white stars and green aurora borealis with pink streaks. The trees are black silhouttes except for where the streetlights light the snow on their branches orange. The ground is covered in blue snow. On the left side there is a blue and yellow sign that reads, "UAF/ -50".
A tall and skinny painting depicting a road that leads up a hill. The sky is a mid range blue with a silver moon on the left side. The hill is covered with brown, red, and yellow blothches that resemble autumn trees. In the foreground there are more clearly defined trees, streetlights, and a two lane road. The streetlights give everything around them an orange tinge.
A square painting. It depicts a parking lot with a grey wall and a streelight that gives off green light. The sky is purple and so is the snow on the ground, except for where the light is falling and making the ground green. Behind the wall, there are silhouettes of trees, houses, and power lines. Affixed to the wall is a white sign with red letters that says "Art is a love letter". Also affixed to the wall is a flush wall hydrant with two yellow bollards in front of it. There are cigarette butts and tire tracks on the ground.
A painting of a gas station with green branding. The gas station stands in front of a silhouetted city skyline. The sky and the ground are both dark blue. To the left side of the gas station there is a sign that has a devious smiley face, and underneath the sign lists gas prices. The gas station is labeled "LIMINOID". There are two gas pumps, with bollards on either side. The gas station shines white light onto the ground.
A painting of a road lit up by streetlights. The sky is black and everything except the street and the streetlights is dark. The road forks, with one side going off the left and one side on the right disappearing behind the silhouettes of trees. The right side has two streetlights in the distance casting orange light, and closer the the viewer there is blue light coming from an unseen source. On the left there is one streetlight casting an orange glow onto the street before it. The limbs of trees are also lit up orange. In the foreground there is something obscuring parts of the painting, but it is unclear what exactly this object is.
A painting of a road at night. The sky is a dark, desaturated purple and there are dark grey hills visible in the distance. The road is straight and narrow, with snow banks and trees on the sides. The trees are mostly silhouettes, with some clumps of snow on their branches. The snow is lilac colored. In the center of the image there are very small orange streetlights at the end of the road.The bottom of the painting is covered in yellow light which appears to be coming from headlights.
A painting of a residential street at night. The sky is purple, and the houses lining the street are brown and black. Some of the houses have orange windows. There is a streetlight casting a green glow on the groound. At the bottom right corner there is a human's shadow but the human is out of view.
A painting of a water tower in the woods. Far in the background there is a hill, with the orange glow of light pollution in the sky behind it. The rest of the sky is blue, and so is the snow on the ground. The water tower has a pointy top and a red light. The base of the tower has green lights which cast a green glow onto the snow beneath them. To the right of the water tower is a small orange shack. The shack has an orange light on the front of it which is casting an orange glow onto the snow. There are tire tracks in the snow, one set coming from off the canvas, and one set from behind the shack. The two sets merge into one and continue off the left side of the canvas.
A painting of a bus stop with a small hut on the side of a road with a streetlight next to it. The sky is black and there are trees emerging from the blackness, lit up orange by the streetlight. The bus hut has glass walls and a bench inside. Closer to the viewer there is a road with snow banks on either side leading to the bus stop. The road and snowbanks are lit up green from a light source off screen.
A painting of an industrial building at night. The sky is dark blue and covered with white stars. There are silhouettes of trees in the background. To the left, there is a small shack with an orange light. In the center there is a tall building with machinery and scaffolding on the front. There is a large tank rising above the building's roof with the letters "U R M" on it in red paint. The scaffolding is lit up with blue lights. To the right side of the image there are two tanks, one grey and one red.
A painting of a house surrounded by trees. Through the silhouetted trees, there is a hill covered in lights far in the background. The sky is textured and purple, with splatters of stars and a shining white moon. The house is tan with a snow covered roof. The house has a balcony that is wrapped in blue Christmas lights. The front of the house has an orange porch light shining. There is a silhouetted tree in the forehground covering part of the house.
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