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Evenings, Aerin, 2020.

24"x24", acrylic on canvas.


Download the image to see it in its highest quality!

This painting is based off of two photographs that I combined and then added fantastical elements. I really liked the bollards and the fire hydrant in the left image, and I really liked the shape of the streetlight in the right hand image.  

A photograph of sketches in a notebook. There are nine drawn boxes which have thumbnail pencil drawings in them. The drawings all feature a street light or electric pole on the right side, and various silhouettes of buildings, bollards, and fire hydrants.

In order to choose the colors, I made a digital study of the piece. I knew I wanted it to be mostly purple, and when I drew on top of a photograph I took, I decided that I liked green lights the best. 

A photograph looking down a snow covered street at night. The sky is dark blue and clear. There are some unclear buildings further down the road, and two streetlights giving off orange light. The snow has a light orange hue. There is a yellow fire hydrant next to a yellow bollard close to the viewer. Both objects are covered with about a foot of snow. In front of the fire hydrant are some old footprints in the snow.
A photograph of a streetlight in front of a building during the day. The image is nearly monochrome, with a white sky, a while building, and snow on the ground. There is a snow covered bush in the foreground, covering up part of the streetlight.

I wanted to use all of those elements in one composition so I drew several thumbnails to try and figure out what composition would be best. I decided to tuck the bollards near the streetlight, but I found it difficult to fit the fire hydrant in. So, I decided to have it be a wall fire hydrant instead. 

A digital study of the painting "Evenings". The painting is only partially finished, it features the purple sky and snow, the grey wall, the streetlight, and the flush wall hydrant. There is digitally added green cones coming from the streetlight, to emulate light falling.
An up close image of the flush wall hydrant and bollards. There is only shading on the ground, bu none on the bollards yet. There are 7 or 8 cigarette butts scattered on the ground and snow on top of the bollards and hydrant.
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