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What is Liminoid Artifacts?

Liminoid Artifacts is the thesis show that Aerin has created for their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program. The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a studio focused program which teaches students art techniques, art history, and prepares them for a professional career in the arts. Aerin has spent the last couple years, starting in 2019, creating the paintings in this exhibition, as well as learning all of the administrative tasks that go with creating an exhibition. In addition to creating the paintings and this website, Aerin wrote a short artist's statement and a longer form thesis paper which explain their motivations, inspirations, technique, and what they learned through this program. These two pieces of writing give great insight to Aerin's intentions with this show. If you would like to know more about their thought process, the artist's statement and the thesis can both be found further down this page.

If you are interested in knowing a little bit more about Aerin themself, check out the About the Artist page or the Artist Resume page!

Artist's Statement

"I paint expressions of affection for urban landscapes, specifically, for the electrical light sources that are dispersed throughout the concrete. There is much to hate about a city; garbage piling up on streets, cold gray as far as the eye can see, buildings suffocatingly close together. However, I can't help but love the delicate reflections on asphalt or the coziness of an orange street light guiding me home. There is beauty even in utilitarian light fixtures if you look for it. Everyone has felt comfortably lonely under streetlights in the night. Cities are constantly buzzing, and they’re built for movement, leaving many places in a state of constant change. I take “snapshots” of a scene in a particular moment in time, which would have only been visible to one or two people, and I freeze it so that everyone can enjoy the details that would otherwise go unrecorded.

I choose limited color palettes and simple shapes so that the intricate splashes of light are emphasized and the atmosphere is not distracted from. My paintings are generally large, which makes them feel all the more empty and lonely. Through the mixture of photo reference, memory reference, and totally imagined ideas, the scenes are detailed and specific while still being relatable to all who have set foot in a city. With a quiet, still mood, the paintings invite you to stop for a minute and just breathe. Allow the moment to settle around your shoulders like a warm blanket. Then, you can go back to the buzz and the movement with a renewed sense of peace and a newfound fondness for the streetlights towering above you."

Video Recording of the live presentation from 4/9/21

This video has been deleted.

Thesis Paper

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