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2017, Aerin, 2019.

20"x16", acrylic on canvas.


Download the image to see it in its highest quality!

This painting was the first one I made in this series, and it's based off a photo. I took this photo in the parking lot of the apartment building I used to live in. I really loved this photo because I thought the colors were very striking. This apartment building was in town and dealt with a fair amount of light pollution. The orange lights of town would interact with the blue clouds and make this weird, desaturated, muddy purple that I find so beautiful. And the green light in the parking lot just made such a great companion color. I wanted to paint it for quite a while before I actually made this piece.

A photograph of a parking lot. There are trees and a snow covered house on the left. On the right there is a green streetlight and an apartment building bathed in green light. The sky and right half of the image are a light, desaturated purple hue. The apartment building has two visible windows, both of which are lit up orange. The image is taken through a window and there are bits of snow obscuring parts of the image.
A photograph of an unfinished painting next to a printed out photo which is pinned up on a corkboard. The painting has a pink-purple sky, with orange blobs and a ground covered in purple and mint green spots. There are several large unfinished areas of white. The pinned up photograph is a photo of a parking lot and an apartment building. The photo has a pink-purple sky and green light on the apartment building.
A photograph of a snow covered side walk. In the distance there are orange street lights, and closer to the viewer there are black trees. The top half of the image shows the sky which is a bright purple color. The botoom half of the image is the snow covered street and sidewalk, which are both a mint green color.

This other picture really shows the amazing color interaction I was trying to mimic. I think this photo might have a filter on it, but I'm not sure. Either way, I figure the great thing about paintings is that I can exaggerate whatever I want to. 

In the photo of the painting while it was in progress you can see that I had the parking lot photo printed out and I was looking at it while I painted. Since this was the first painting like this, I had no idea what techniques would work for me. I didn't use washes for the light effects on the snow, i was just dry brushing the colors on. That gave the piece a much more textured look that I really preferred. Regardless of the technique, the concept was there and I was so in love with it after this piece that I decided to keep making more like it.

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