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Welcome to the show!

Thank you for swinging by to check it out! If you'd like to jump right in, head to the gallery. If you want more information on what this website is for, head for the artist's statement. And before you leave, please visit the guestbook and leave a comment! 

 A square painting. It depicts a parking lot with a grey wall and a streelight that gives off green light. The sky is purple and so is the snow on the ground, except for where the light is falling and making the ground green. Behind the wall, there are silhouettes of trees, houses, and power lines. Affixed to the wall is a white sign with red letters that says "Art is a love letter". Also affixed to the wall is a flush wall hydrant with two yellow bollards in front of it. There are cigarette butts and tire tracks on the ground.
A square painting which depicts a parking lot in front of a building. There is a sign, a car, and three ravens also in the image. The sky is dark purple, and the building is purple in the shadows and orange in the light. There are two dark grey ravens on top of the building. There is a red banner hanging from the building which reads "For Lease/ Call (907)-458-2644!!". Under the banner there is a line of orange lights that wrap around the building. These lights cast an orange light onto everything beneath them. Along the base of the building there are concrete curb stops. There is a silver four door car parked in front of the concrete curb stops, which has its brake lights turned on. In the foreground there is a another line of curb stops, along with a sign which reads "No parking after dark", with a raven sitting on top of it.
A painting of a highway stretching out to the horizon. The sky is an ombre from orange to dark blue. Below the road there is a city skyline, filled with blue, green, and orange lights. There are also orange plumes reaching up into the sky/ The road is grey with light blue patches of snow. The streetlights on the side shine light blue.
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