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An image of Aerin sitting down indoors with sunlight on their face. They are wearing a hoodie with silver jewelery and have a black mohawk.

About The Artist

    Aerin believes that the everyday minutiae of life can be one of the most beautiful subjects to work with, and that life itself can be one of the most fulfilling mediums. Aerin is primarily focused on painting and completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Alaska Fairbanks currently, however, they consider themself to be a multi-disciplinary artist, with their interests ranging from music to drawing to digital animation. 

    With their current focus on electric lights and abandoned streets, Aerin paints what they describe as "love letters" to Fairbanks, Alaska, the city they've spent their entire adult life in. Although Fairbanks has been their home since early 2016, Aerin grew up in a small nearby town, Nenana. Growing up surrounded by the snow and trees of Alaska had a deep impact on their aesthetic tastes, and their fascination with the urban landscape only grew after their move to Fairbanks. 

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